The end of March is in sight

This has been an interesting month of SharePoint Hands-On Labs that I’ve been offering to my customers across the district.  2-Day sessions, Bellevue, Boise, Portland, and this week, Spokane.  For those of you who my communication this month has not been up to par, I apologize.  I’ve got a couple of things for tonight…

1. I signed up for twitter…  I couldn’t avoid the news stories about this thing…  what a crazy thing.  I’ve got one post on twitter, and will try it out for the next week or so, but my impression already is that the signal-to-noise ratio on this is way too low.  It seems to me that for this to be useful, you’d need "channels" that you could tune into, such as, "Attendees at SXSW," "My Workgroup," "My High School Friends," or "My Family" and have different notification settings for each.

2. I need to make sure that everyone here who is interested in SharePoint is also tracking Mike Gianotti’s blog at  Mikey is a SharePoint Technology Specialist on the East Coast of the US who is doing a great job keeping the rest of the world current about SharePoint and other related technologies.  He writes much mroe frequently than I do. 

3. Mike G. did blog about Tahiti, so I checked it out.  It looks like a Live Services version of Live Meeting, and could be useful for quick application sharing and collaboration.  The price is right!  (At least, for now?)  It is in pre-beta stage. 

Read Mike’s blog entry and download it from here, while it lasts. 

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