Vista and Office 2007 Launch in Seattle

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend my first couple of hours delivering SharePoint presentations to 500+ people at the Seattle launch for Vista, Office 2007, and Exchange 2007. This is the launch that finally ended, as it went from city to city across the U.S. and I believe that yesterday was the last event in the series. I delivered a session on Post Installation Configuration and Management of WSS v3 and SharePoint Server 2007 sites that was targeted towards the IT Pro community, and also a session for Developers where I reviewed the business value pieces that are built into the SharePoint platform that a developer can utilize and incorporate into their applications. Except for the demo slip-ups that sometimes haunt these events, I think that most of the demo and presentation went pretty well. I had the occasion to share a stage with Ed Kaim, who was teaching about how to extend Office 2007 programmatically, and did a great job. Because my two sessions were at least 85% demo, the slide decks are worthless – simply intros, agendas, and thank you’s – and not worth posting here.

Okay – now that everything is finally good and launched, let’s get into some serious SharePoint coolness and customization!

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