I’ve been Tagged – 5 Things You May Not Know About Me

My old friend, Stefan Gosner, has turned on me and tagged me.  Now I get to inflict the same kind of cyber-punishment on a few other folks…  Although, I wasn’t quick enough to beat Arpan – he got some of the folks that I was looking forward to tagging!

I’m afraid that I don’t have many secrets, so most of these items you’ll probably already know through even casual interaction with me.

  1. I’ve got 4 amazing kids and an incredible wife.
  2. I’m a movie buff.  If I think I’ll like a movie, I’m usually with one of my kids or another friend, watching it within the first week or two of release.  One of these days, I’ll start a movie review service and make millions.  In the last month, I saw The Nativity Story (thumbs up, buy it to show the kids as part of the annual Christmas videos each year); Pursuit of Happyness (good, but could wait for video to watch it, doesn’t require the theatre to enjoy it); Rocky Balboa (thumbs up, buy it to add to the library, great motivational lessons, and you do need to see it in the theatre at least once); Casino Royale (thumbs up – saw it three times, but rating it a see-twice movie); We Are Marshall (thumbs up – great flick, see-once, add to library).
  3. I don’t watch network television, but will Tivo (I’d say "I’ll MediaCenter-Record" a show, but it’s so much easier to just say "Tivo".  (I guess "Tivo" has been "Kleenexed".)) shows that I like.  Currently, I’m Tivo’ing only How I Met Your Mother and ‘Til Death.  I just bought the first 4 seasons of 24 and having a blast with them – again.
  4. I played the Saxophone in High School, and played in a Jazz Band for 3 years.  I would switch between all 4 models of saxophone, and have solo’d with the Alto, Baritone, and Soprano Saxophone.  I haven’t touched a horn since then, and keep hoping that someday I’ll be able to play again.  (except for the rhythm problem that I mentioned above…J )
  5. I love to take the family camping, and look forward to someday renting an RV for a month (or two) and driving backroads across North America.  In the meantime, we travel by plane (how boring, right?)

OK, now comes the fun part when I get to spread the tagging love…  Welcome to the club, Jason Mauer, Mark Michaelis, Scott Stout, Rus Berrett, and Kirk Haselden, you’ve been tagged!

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