Winter Storm Damage

Here’s a catch-up post in regards to the winter storm that blew through our area on the night of December 14th.

My family lives in the Sammamish area, East of Seattle, and it’s a fairly wooded area.  When the trees fall over, or get knocked down, they get spiteful, and take things down with them.  If you heard about electric power being knocked out to a lot of folks in the Seattle area because of this storm, here are a couple of photos of neighborhood streets that will help explain what happened.

The power was out at our home for 3+ days, but some other folks went 8-9 days, unfortunately.  For Christmas, everyone was back up.  It was fun to walk and drive around in the days afterwards with the kids and watch the Puget Sound Energy trucks loping from one pole to the next, stringing new cables and taking down damaged lines.  Everyone was safe in our home, but 7 folks in the metro area died of carbon monoxide poisoning because they brought barbecue grills or other heating devices indoors.

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