MSFT and Novell

The relationship between MSFT and Novell just took another incredible turn, the latest in a colorful joint history.

This seems to be very good for Microsoft, but I couldn’t help but come away with the impression that the adoption rate of Linux in the enterprise is going to increase, and that the Novell CEO, Ron Hovsepian, has just secured his place in Linux (and Novell) history. Novell SUSE Linux is going to be the shizzle on the kibizzle for data centers. See ya later Red Hat.

As part of the MSFT sales force, I wonder when I’ll be handing out my first certificate for a Linux OS license to a customer. 🙂

Here’s the Novell link to the press release and webcast, and here’s the Microsoft link to the press release.

Ron Hovsepian (Novell CEO) and Steve Ballmer

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