The Blog is Moving

The Blog is moving.

This scares me in a way. 

I’m the kind of guy who has never (willingly) let an email address die.  I’ve tried to make it very easy for people to stay in contact with me, and it frightens me to have to leave a URL such as this blog.  I’ve had a lot of fun here – over 3 years worth of blogging, and although it is scary, I’m optimistic that once I post this entry, I’ll be free of this one and not look back (too often).  Who knows how long MSFT will keep this blog open.  As long as it does, I hope that it keeps redirecting folks to the new blog,

This is a blog that will allow me to not just be a MSFT guy, but also allow me to get more personal in the blogging.  We’ll see if that works out. 😉

It’s been a lot of fun over here on  Last one here, please close the door.  I’m going over to the other side.

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