Blogs – Public vs. Private


Wow.  Julie Leung ( just finished a presentation at Gnomedex about Blogs as a Social Tool.  She made all of us think about where the limits are between one’s public and private personas.  Where is the line between our private and public face on the web?  What kind of persona do we choose to expose ourselves as? 


She spoke about how reading blogs gives you the chance to look through someone else’s eyes.  As a blogger, I’ve been taking advantage of this by following more blogs than I have time for.  It’s been very valuable.  What a coincidence that I posted something about this just this morning – this is obviously something that is top of mind right now. 


Julie continued discussing how blogging can open entry points into relationships, but it can be scary and risky, as well. 


What a great job.  Thank you, Julie, for sharing your thoughts and feelings about this today at Gnomedex.  I wonder what my blog will look like in a couple years (or months?) as it evolves. 

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