Gnomedex 5.0 – Post 1

What a great morning.  I’m attending Gnomedex 5.0 today in Seattle.  It was a conference that I couldn’t pass up, being local to the Northwest, and being about blogging and web communication.  I was looking forward to meeting some of the people that I’ve read about.  First of all, Chris Pirillo is a great guy, and is working hard on the conference – nice job, Chris! 

Dave Winer gave the opening keynote, and there were some spirited discussions – he also demo’d a new OPML editor.  (The UI sucks – somebody needs to turn this into an app)  Some of the discussion was around whether or not OPML was an edge technology, only for wrapping conversations, or whether it should be a document format. 

The MSFT presentation is starting now…  I’ll be back.

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