The Open Source Heretic

Today’s open source class is opened with an article on based on an interview with Larry McVoy.  Read the required readings for today’s class, and then discuss amongst yourselves…

Here are a couple of quotes from the article to get discussion rolling…

  • “Open source software is like handing you a doctor’s bag and the architectural plans for a hospital and saying, ‘Hey dude, if you have a heart attack, here are all the tools you need–and it’s free,'” McVoy says. “I’d rather pay someone to take care of me.”


  • “One problem with the services model is that it is based on the idea that you are giving customers crap–because if you give them software that works, what is the point of service?” McVoy says. “The other problem is that the services model doesn’t generate enough revenue to support the creation of the next generation of innovative products. Red Hat has been around for a long time–for a decade now. Yet try to name one significant thing–one innovative product–that has come out of Red Hat.”

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