Bad Posting Host, International Dental Assistant

Well, I’ve been avoiding the posting for the past few weeks as things have been busy.  I was asked to participate in a ten-day Humanitarian Aid trip to Ecuador to accompany a Dentist.  Thanks to the good people here in the District that helped to free up my schedule to make that possible.  4 1/2 days of seeing citizens of Quevedo, Ecuador (about 300 of them), and doing what we could to help in the community.  It was a great experience.  I spent some time in Ecuador 18 years ago as a missionary for my church, and in this town, and it was good to share some time with the people again.  I’ve got a lot of blog posting to catch up on, so I apologize if some of the posts this weekend appear dated. 

Here are a couple of images if you feel curious…
The Team in Ecuador
Dr. Keyes at Work
An Ecuadorean Suburban
Delivering Blankets

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