BizTalk ODBC Adapter

A colleague of mine, Todd Van Nurden, has written an ODBC adapter for BizTalk Server 2004.  Download it from the GotDotNet workspace.  The ODBC adapter addresses some of the limitations of the SQL Adapter.  For example, it supports stored procedures that return multiple recordsets…

The Quick list:
Stored Procedures with out parameters (If the ODBC driver supports them)
Compound queries – More then one query performed in a single pass
Parameterization of raw SQL Statements (Enter your own SQL statements with parameters)
Batched queries – The request XML document can be nested with multiple parameter sets

It’s all good…

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  1. Owen,
    <br>can you point us at a list with *all* the available BTS adapters?
    <br>I mean intrinsic ones, third-party offerings, community contributions, samples like the one above… you get it 🙂
    <br>Thanks a lot!


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