I’m starting to learn more about the RFID initiatives that industry is facing.  This has impacts on my customers that use MS Commerce Server and MS BizTalk Server.  If any of you have links or resources that you feel I should include in my research, please feel free to share them with me.

I’m starting with these links…  Debunking 10 Myths of RFID, RFID Whitepaper.  (I have a feeling that the holidays are going to wreak havoc on my research, however…)  …My vacation has started.  I’ll be back again after the New Year.

Merry Christmas, and to all, a Good Night.

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  1. I googled for the string of "Owen Allen" and this was the 1st result from Google. I am impressed that you are still ‘working’ through your vacation.
    Happy Hollidays


  2. Hello,

    there is a neutral book called RFID Handbook from Klaus Finkenzeller.

    This is recommendable for people who start to think about use of RFID.

    With best regards

    Udo W. Doege

    TECTUS RFID Team Germany


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