Visual Studio: Free Partner Software Extensions for VS.Net

The Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has been designed from the ground up to be the host for multiple languages and development tools, including Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Visual C++. Not only is the IDE designed to support Microsoft products, third parties can also extend the IDE to ensure that Visual Studio customers have a complete set of tightly integrated tools for their development projects.  Check out the Visual Studio Extensibility Center.

Now, available on one DVD, if you act today, is a collection of the greatest VS.Net extension from now alll the way back to last year.  Complete your collection with trial versions of favorites such as Installshield, XMLSpy, VisualPython, and something called Visual Intercept…  even IBM has some stuff in here.

(Actually, I can’t find a list of what is on the DVD, except for the description below, but the list of partners in the Visual Studio Industry Partner Program is here…)

and, hey – the price is right… Order your Free Partner Product DVD here.

Get the most of your investment in Visual Studio .NET with the best of breed third party tools, languages, and components.

Order this free DVD and receive over 65 tools, components and languages from Visual Studio Industry Partners. These full version and evaluation products can help save you time and money building applications for Microsoft Windows, mobile devices, the Web, and Web services.

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