BTS with MSMQ, NLB, Firewalls – courtesy of Brandon Gross

Brandon Gross, one of the BizTalk wizards at the Interlink Group, in Seattle, has a blog subscribed.  I’ve been working with Brandon on an intriguing scenario that he has described, and it’s been great to work with Brandon with this client, and to see how BizTalk, MSMQ, NLB, and Firewalls really can all get along.  Brandon has posted about this in more detail here.

The tip about 1) Creating a second IIS Web site, then 2) turning off the “Default Web Server” prior to installing WSS, so that WSS gets its hooks into the second web site is a great time-saver…  WSS doesn’t complain, I presume because it thinks that it has full control, and it doesn’t notice that the “Default Web Server” is humming along nicely right alongside.

It turns out that Brandon doesn’t really have a blog, but a glog, which he says is his term for a group blog…  some of his colleagues at the Interlink Group are also participating…

BizTalk Server 2004 shipped with the MSMQT adapter, which supports MSMQ 2.0, and support for MSMQ 3.0 is arriving with the MSMQ Adapter for BizTalk Server 2004, which is expected to be under our collective Christmas trees this year.

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