BizTalk and Webmail Debugging Tip

After I stopped ROFL’ing after reading Addy’s post about combining Webmail with BizTalk, and somewhat composing myself, I thought that this might actually be a good lesson to all the BizTalk users in the area who may be using webmail accounts to help test their BizTalk applications. 

So, to further public awareness, regardless of whether you read Addy Santo’s post, above, or not, please take care to set your Outlook test settings to leave email on your webmail server…  (Tools -> E-mail accounts -> View/Change -> Change -> More Settings -> Advanced -> Leave a copy of messages on the server)

Gratuitous plug: Addy’s blog is here

Sometimes the funniest stories are the ones that hit closest to home.  I’ve made this mistake before, and had a hard time laughing before…  This time, I didn’t seem to have a problem…  Hmmm, interesting…

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