BizTalk Server Hands-On Labs in the NorthWest

In addition to the one-day technical overview of BizTalk that I have already mentioned, Microsoft is also sponsoring two 4-day Hands-On Lab sessions for BizTalk Server in the NorthWest.  One will be in Portland, Oregon (April 13-16), and one will be in Bellevue, Washington (May 17-20).  These are free events, targeted at developers and system architects.  Machines with configured Virtual PC environments will be provided, or you may bring your own machine that has Virtual PC installed, with enough room for the Virtual PC image. Please contact me if you are interested in attending, or register using the links below.

Portland (April 13-16)
Bellevue (May 17-20)
(apparently you can’t register for Bellevue yet…  I’ll update this one ASAP)

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  1. Owen,

    Are there any plans for an event like this in New England? Judging by the last Biztalk event I attended, I believe the demand would be high enough to warrant such an event.



  2. So, these training events are actually restricted to specific accounts, an invitation-only kind of thing. The Oregon event has already happened, and was pretty full. The Washington and Idaho event should be even better. If you live in Washington or Idaho and would like to be considered foran invitation, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I know the girl who is giving out the invitations, and can put in a good word…


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