Security – Develop Code with Non-Admin Privileges

This chapter from Keith Brown‘s book may fall into the required-reading-for-developers category. 

Terminal services, Run As…, modifying the background and title bar of windows running as a different user, enabling debugging as a non-admin, a discussion on where the difficulties lie with building code that can execute in non-privileged environments, etc.

Thanks to Bliz and the founder of the Paul-tini

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  1. Great book, totally agree re: required reading.


  2. Develop as non-admin? Windows XP will NOT let me create a non-admin, it requires there to be at least two administrators. What the **** were Microsoft programmers thinking?


  3. I also highly recommend reading Keith Brown’s book, as I have pointed to this many times on my own blog to develop code as a non-admin.

    Jerry, I have no problem setting up non-Admins in XP and to have only one Admin. I am not sure I understand why you are having problems. Maybe you can elaborate or contact me directly off of my blog.


  4. Robert, do you have Administrator AND one another account that’s an Admin? Because the User Accounts control panel applet won’t let you have only Administrator and regular users. You have to go through Computer Management to setup accounts the way you want to…


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