VB.Net Debugging Chat (Feb 17, 2004)

As more and more customers begin projects with MCMS and SPS, more and more Visual Basic.Net programmers are working with the original .Net sample solutions, which are/were primarily published in C#.  VB.Net is not going away, and we’re trying to take care of the programmers who have selected VB.Net as their language of choice. 

I know this is short notice for some of you, but I wanted to remind you of tomorrows on-line chat with members of the VB.Net and debugging teams at Microsoft.  1:00PM Pacific time tomorrow, Feb. 17.  You can find more information about this chat at http://msdn.microsoft.com/chats/.

Thanks to Duncan MacKenzie for alerting me to this with his post.

To stay on top of upcoming MS-Chats and webcasts, I suggest that you subscribe to MSDN Flash, a newsletter for developers.

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  1. Please help me


  2. While debugging my web app on Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002, I am not going to events that I know are executing. What is causing this problem. I have more than enough memory and this problem just started hapening.

    Thanks for your help,



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