CMS Connector for SharePoint – Available Now!

The CMS Connector for SharePoint is now available.

Why is this needed?  This is an important piece in the combined Microsoft Portal story that allows the strength of MS Content Management Server 2002 (MCMS) and the strength of Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) to complement each other.

  • Content created using MCMS’ complex templating capabilities and workflow can be displayed within a SharePoint webpart.  You can point a SharePoint webpart to a MCMS channel and display the content items in multiple modes that you can customize (summaries, headlines, sorted by metadata, etc.).

  • Documents in a SharePoint document library can be exposed via MCMS managed sites.  This means that there are MCMS placeholders that, in authoring mode, allow you to navigate SharePoint to identify content, and when in presentation mode, they transform the WSS content into the desired presentation format. 

  • SharePoint Portal Search capabilities can now include MCMS content and WSS content seamlessly.  Both MCMS and WSS can expose SPS search results via these controls.

Localized Editions of the Connector (German, French, & Japanese) are in the queue and should be available in the next couple of months.


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