I attended the Redmond version of ASP.Net Exposed tonight.  It was originally scheduled for 3 hours, and Scott Guthrie went on for over 4 and 1/2 hours, talking about ASP.Net for Developers and demonstrating the Post-Alpha build of Whidbey, the next version of Visual Studio.Net.  (This build is newer than the version released at PDC2003).  Amazing stuff.

If the ASP.Net Exposed road trip is coming to a city near you, please take the time to attend.

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  1. I agree with Owen. If you can get to this event, go. Scott is a really great presenter and even though I’ve been using ASP.Net for over a year, I learned some nice things that will help me in my development and also picked up information that will make it easier to explain the benefits of ASP.Net to my team.

    Two gripes: the signs on the MS campus seemed very poorly lit. Too long. I think that the audience took advantage of the informal setting too much. They asked too many questions which really slowed the presentation down.


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