Workflow, Work flow, Business Process

There’s a lot of talk these days about Workflow and Business Process.  Am I being redundant?  Am I talking about the same thing repeatedly? 

Workflow and Business Process are not a panacea that will end the ills of business overnight.  In my conversations with people, I find that many people feel that if a particular workflow implementation is missing this one feature that “my friend over in Accounting really, really needs to have”, that it is discounted too easily.  Granted, you should only purchase the best workflow product that you can find.  But, really, is a workflow product going to change things overnight? 

Changing business process (the real moving and shaking of stuff from desk to place, or manufacturing facility to warehouse) is not an overnight task, but requires a long cultural evolution. 

That said, revolutions are happening faster and faster these days.  Keep your eyes open!  Change just might be happening.

And now for something completely different….  Teamplate was acquired by Captaris.


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  1. Wokrflow is something that I’m working on right now. I think that there might be room for a sub $40K vendor that can provide a suite of basic workflow products for small to medium sized businesses.


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